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Who we are

The “Million Moments for Democracy” is a civic organisation of like-minded individuals who, however different their specific political views may be, have one thing in common: they are democrats at heart. As such, we strive to support, foster and cultivate political culture in Europe. Our aim is to promote civic participation, the accountability of elected representatives, and a democratic discussion, thereby increasing the stability of European democratic institutions.

What we do

Having originated in Czechia, we wish to contribute to a democratic society which is just, free, and tolerant. In its core, it is a society true to the ideals of the revolutions that swept through Eastern Europe in 1989. However, to be truly functional, it is hardly enough to only demand that our elected representatives be accountable, fair, or not corrupt. It is us who must actively participate in the cultivation of our democratic political culture. We all must find a Moment for Democracy.

To support that aim, Million Moments for Democracy has connected tens of thousands of individuals who do care about the future of our democracy. We have consistently warned against attempts to undermine democratic institutions and trust in democracy. We have closely monitored corruption, and actively encouraged citizens to protest any unfair behaviour of their elected representatives.  

It is our belief that citizens can only be devoted democrats once they have been properly informed about the virtues and potential limitations of democracy. In order for people not to feel alienated from democracy, they should be equipped with the proper tools to understand the functioning of the increasingly-complex world around us. Hence, Million Moments for Democracy aims to contribute to a better understanding of European politics. While we do not pretend to possess all, or indeed the best information there is, we can offer an extensive network of supporters, some of whom are experts in their respective fields. With their help, Million Moments for Democracy will provide the necessary materials to help make sense of events encompassing us.  

Additionally, we also want to connect citizens with their representatives on the European level, providing a much-needed opportunity to better understand them, the European institutions they represent, and be able to communicate their views to them more directly. With this, we hope to at least partly alleviate the feeling that “the decision-makers are far away”, that they “do not care about ordinary people”, or that “there is no chance people can impact the real-world functioning of democracy”. Ultimately, the aim is to increase trust in democracy and make it more stable throughout the continent.  

To achieve that goal, Million Moments for Democracy will cooperate with like-minded NGOs and the media who also set the promotion of democracy, and the cultivation of a democratic society as their priority.  

Press release archive

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Million Moments for Democracy financed?  

We are financed exclusively through donations from private individuals. The process of accepting donations is governed by the organisation’s valid Code of Ethics, which can be found online. 

2. Are you politically affiliated?  

No. We are neither a political party ourselves, nor are politically affiliated to an existing political party. We believe our aims can best be accomplished when we remain a non-partisan organisation. Million Moments for Democracy connects all individuals who value democracy and wish to cultivate European political culture. While we do support active personal engagement in politics, we are not going to compete for political office or specify our views on the modalities of how our democracy should look specifically (e.g. the specific level of taxation, the specific level of government intervention etc.) 

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